Discover the Joy of Miniature English Cream Dachshunds 2024

The miniature English cream dachshund, often affectionately called a “doxie” or “ee cream,” is a small variety of the dachshund breed with a gorgeous white or cream-colored coat. English creams originate from dachshunds bred in England that exhibited a distinctive pale cream fur. Miniature English creams retain the iconic long, low-slung body of the dachshund breed in a more compact, small size with a stunning cream coat.

Miniature English Cream Dachshund

Overview of the English Cream Dachshund Breed

The origins of the beloved dachshund breed can be traced back many centuries to Germany, where they were developed as determined hunting dogs and scent hounds. Dachshunds come in three different coat varieties – smooth, long haired dachshund, and wire-haired. English cream dachshunds fall under the long haired coat type.

The Origins and History of Dachshunds

Dachshunds as a breed are known for their long, low bodies and energetic personalities. Their name comes from the German words for “badger dog,” as they were originally bred to hunt badgers and other small prey living underground. Their short, powerful legs and elongated bodies allowed them to burrow down tunnels to chase quarry out from their dens. Today’s dachshunds retain this versatile hunting spirit and make for clever, fun-loving family companions.

English Cream Dachshunds as a Variety of the Breed 

English cream dachshunds, sometimes called crème or ee cream doxies, originate from English dachshund breeding programs that selectively produce dachshunds with a recessive gene for light fur. This resulted in striking pale cream, blonde, or white coats. Shaded English cream dachshunds can have shaded coats featuring a spectrum from light to reddish fur. Both long-haired and smooth-coated body types exist.

The Distinctive Cream Coat and Color Variations

The most signature feature of the English cream dachshund is its light, cream-colored coat ranging from creamy white to light golden blonde. Ee cream dachshunds can also have a black and cream dapple pattern or patches of darker fur, though clear cream coats are often prized. Their fur can also change color subtly throughout their lifetime. English creams require regular grooming to keep their silky, flowing coats healthy and prevent matting.

Details on Miniature English Cream Dachshunds

Miniature dachshunds are a smaller variety of the breed with the same elongated body type and hunting instincts, just in a more compact size. Miniature English creams pack the brains, personalities, and good looks of dachshunds into an especially portable package.

Size and Physical Attributes of the Miniature Variety

Per the Dachshund Club of America’s breed standards, miniature dachshunds must weigh under 11 pounds at their ideal adult weight. Miniature English creams tend to stand 5 to 7 inches tall at the shoulder and measure 8 to 10 inches long from chest to hindquarters. Despite their small size, they retain classic dachshund features – long, deep chests; well-developed front legs; and arched, robust necks. Their cream coats can be long haired or smooth.

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Temperament and Personality of Miniature Dachshunds 

Like all doxies, miniature dachshunds are unusually independent dogs displaying loyalty and devotion to their favored people. They can have plenty of energy and curiosity and may take well to training if it is consistent and reward-based. Since they were bred to Tunnel underground independently when hunting, they can sometimes be clever escape artists. Most miniature dachshunds love being part of a family. Their lively, fun-loving personalities mean they get along well with children and thrive on play and attention. 

Miniature English Cream Dachshund Temperament

Differences from the Standard English Cream Variety

The main difference between standard and miniature English cream dachshunds comes down to size. Aside from their smaller stature, miniature English creams have temperaments, grooming needs, exercise requirements, and typical health concerns largely comparable to full-sized English creams. One key distinction is that miniatures may be more prone to hypoglycemia since their smaller bodies cannot store much extra glucose. This makes regular feeding important.

Finding a Reputable Breeder of Miniature English Creams 

Since English cream dachshunds are relatively rare compared to other dachshund color varieties, finding a responsible specialty breeder is key to getting a happy, healthy puppy.

Signs of a Responsible and Ethical Breeder

Reputable breeders focus on breeding for health, temperament, and conformation to breed standards. They fully health test their breeding dogs, avoid overbreeding, raise litter in enriching settings, and match puppies with buyers carefully. Good breeders offer guidance and support for the puppy’s lifetime and require spay/neuter contracts for pet dogs. Previous buyer reviews can help identify breeders who excel at socializing puppies.

Asking Questions to Evaluate Breeder Practices 

Prospective dachshund buyers should ask breeders questions covering the health testing done on parent dogs, temperaments of previous puppies, pedigree lineage, diet and vaccines given to puppies, and guarantees or return policies if issues emerge. Their responses can determine if they align with your priorities for a healthy, happy furry family member.

Investigating Cream Dachshund Bloodlines and Pedigrees 

Researching a cream dachshund breeder’s bloodlines and previous litters can offer insight into what to expect in a puppy. Dachshund pedigrees may mention pet or show champions many generations back or in a recent parent that reflects good breeding selection. Any unusual health or temperament issues also tend to run in lines, so breeders should disclose those honestly.

Bringing Home an English Cream Dachshund Puppy

Adding an English cream dachshund puppy to your home takes preparation but soon rewards a family with an affectionate, devoted companion with plenty of personality. Puppies usually go to new homes at around 8 weeks old once they have had time to bond with their mother and siblings. 

Average Price Range of English Cream Dachshund Puppies

As a relatively rare dachshund color and given the smaller breeding pool, English cream dachshunds tend to cost $2,500+ on average from specialty show or hobby breeders, sometimes more for miniatures or dogs bred from champion bloodlines. Pet breeders may charge less for cream dachshund puppies lacking registration papers or breeder support.

Preparing for a New Cream Dachshund Puppy 

Preparing your home to welcome a doxie puppy means puppy-proofing potential dangers, obtaining supplies like a crate, bedding, and bowls, and researching vets to establish their future healthcare. Stock up on quality puppy food as proper lifetime nutrition supports muscle tone and skin/coat health. Expect to also invest in grooming tools like brushes suited to their long fur.

Training and Socializing an English Cream Dachshund 

Despite their independent streak, miniature English creams thrive through reward-based training focused on positive interactions started young. Signing up for puppy obedience classes also aids essential off-leash control and socialization with unfamiliar people or dogs. Since dachshunds love being part of household activity, staying patient through the inevitable challenges during the training process leads to wonderful lifelong companions. 

Caring for a Miniature English Cream Dachshund

While small in stature, caring for miniature English cream dachshunds bears similarities to caring for standards, with a few unique considerations given their size. Most importantly, miniature English creams make delightful, loyal little house dogs.

English cream miniature dachshund full grown

Grooming Needs for the Cream Coat 

The long, silky coats of English cream dachshunds require daily brushing to minimize shedding and tangles. Most doxies just need occasional bathing as their fur resists dirt naturally. Trimming around the feet and ears may be necessary if hair grows excessively shaggy. Proper grooming enhances the beauty of their cream coats.

Nutrition and Dietary Requirements

Quality nutrition supports muscle development and healthy skin and fur. Miniature dachshunds only need around 1/2 cup to 3/4 cups of food daily but may need more frequent portioned meals to avoid low blood sugar risks especially when young. High animal protein sources like chicken, turkey, or fish generally suit them best.

Health and Medical Considerations for English Cream Long-Haired

Potential owners should research health issues relatively common to dachshunds like back disc injuries from jumping; knee dislocations; or eye, skin, and neurological conditions. Reputable breeders aim to breed these out by only breeding fully health-tested parents. Still, knowing common dachshund illnesses helps identify symptoms early to seek veterinary care if needed. Overall though, buying from health-focused English cream dachshund breeders and maintaining their annual vet visits greatly promotes lifelong good health.

Conclusion of Crème of the Crop Dachshunds

The miniature English cream dachshund, characterized by its pale cream coat and classic dachshund charm, is a beloved choice for families seeking a loyal and adorable companion. Despite their small size, these miniatures possess the spirited personality typical of dachshunds, displaying both affection and independence once they form a bond with their household. Originating from German hunting roots and later refined for their cream coats in England, English cream dachshunds have gained popularity worldwide as cherished family pets and show dogs.

Selecting a responsible breeder who prioritizes health clearances and good temperaments is essential for ensuring a happy and healthy addition to the family. Regular grooming and attentive care support these dogs’ vibrant lives, while proper training and socialization contribute to their outgoing and friendly nature. With their striking appearance and unwavering devotion, miniature English cream dachshunds are sure to continue captivating dog lovers for generations to come.

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