Discover the Charm of English Cream Dachshunds Today

The English Cream Dachshund is a variety of the beloved dachshund breed known for its unique cream-colored coat. With roots tracing back to 18th century England, these lively “sausage dogs” developed a distinct shade that sets them apart.

The English Cream’s soft, solid cream fur is the result of selective breeding to achieve this elegant yet subtle hue. The cream color comes in varying shades, from a pale ivory to a richer golden-cream tone. Their coats can be smooth, long, or wirehaired.

While their cream coats make them visually striking, English Creams maintain the playful, affectionate temperament that dachshunds are prized for. These lively, loyal companions make great family pets despite their small stature.

Prospective owners seeking an English Cream puppy should research reputable breeders who prioritize health, temperament, and adherence to the breed’s color standards. With their cheerful dispositions and distinctive cream coats, these dachshunds make eye-catching, loving companions.

Whether you prefer the long-haired or smooth variety, the English Cream Dachshund’s unique cream shade and dachshund spirit allow this treasured breed variety to wiggle its way into your heart warmly.

English cream dachshund

History and Origin

The English Cream Dachshund traces its roots back to the standard dachshund breeds that originated in Germany, where they were bred to hunt badgers and other small prey. The name “dachshund” literally means “badger dog” in German.
In the 18th century, the dachshund made its way to Great Britain. English breeders took a keen interest in the unique elongated dogs and began developing distinct varieties, including the English Cream.

Selective Breeding in England

Through selective breeding programs focused on coat color, a cream-colored variation of the dachshund emerged and grew in popularity among English fanciers and nobility. Breeders prized the pale cream shades and worked to establish it as a distinct variety known as the Eng Dachshund.

The creamy yellow coats sported by these dogs set them apart from the common red or black and tan dachshunds. Careful linebreeding cemented the English Cream miniature as a variety that reliably produced puppies with the desired solid cream coats.

Acceptance as a Variety

The English Kennel Club granted official recognition of the cream-colored dachshunds as the “Cream Dachshund” in 1885. Creams were subsequently exported from England to help establish the variety in other countries like the United States.

While the English Cream shares the same fun-loving dachshund personality, its unique cream coat color distinguishes it as a distinct breed variety with origins tracing back to dedicated breeders refining the cream shades in 18th/19th century England.

Unraveling the Genetics Behind the Cream Coat

The distinctive cream coat color of the Eng Cream Dachshund is the result of a specific gene that influences pigment production. This gene, known as the Dilute gene, is responsible for creating lighter cream shades by diluting or reducing the concentration of pigment in the coat.

The Dilute gene has a recessive mode of inheritance, meaning that a dog must inherit two copies (one from each parent) to exhibit the diluted cream coloring. When both parents possess this gene, their offspring have a 25% chance of inheriting two copies, resulting in the coveted English Cream coat color.

Breeders carefully select and mate cream-colored dachshunds to increase the likelihood of producing cream puppies. Single copies of the gene lead to lighter red or isabella shades, while dogs without the gene express standard red or black and tan colors. Understanding this genetic mechanism allows responsible breeders to strategically plan litters aimed at preserving the English Cream variety.

While the Dilute gene lays the principal groundwork, other genes can influence the precise shades and tones within the cream spectrum displayed by individual English Creams. Modifying genes may create slight variations in hue from pale ivory to a richer golden cream. Some dogs may exhibit subtle shading or “cream sable” effects.

Coat texture and length genes also interact, yielding cream pups with smooth coats, long flowing hair, or wiry jackets. Though cream is a simple recessive trait, the interplay of multiple genes results in the nuanced cream spectrum that breeders aim to perfect through their careful breeding programs, ensuring this elegant variety remains a distinct hallmark of the Eng Cream Dachshund.

Physical Traits of the English Cream Dachshund

Distinctive Cream Coat

The most distinguishing physical trait of the Eng Cream Dachshund is its solid cream-colored coat. This variety sports a soft, delicate coat that can range from a pale ivory cream to a warmer golden cream shade. The cream color should appear solid, even without any patches or brindle striping. 

Coat Types

English Creams can have three different coat types according to breed standards – smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired. The smooth variety has a short, sleek coat, while the longhairs have a flowing, flat, or slightly wavy outer coat with a soft undercoat. Wirehaired English Creams have a tight, wiry outer coat with a softer undercoat.

Compact, Low-Built Body

True to their dachshund lineage, Eng Cream Dachshunds have a distinctive low, elongated body shape. They are muscular and compact, with short, slightly bowed legs that allow them to burrow after prey. Their front paws turn outward slightly, giving them an iconic waddling gait.

Size and Weight

As with standard dachshunds, there are two acceptable size varieties in the English Cream miniature and standard. Miniatures must be 11 pounds or under, with standards typically weighing between 16-32 pounds. Both size varieties retain the elongated dachshund body shape.

Other Dachshund Features

English Creams exhibit other classic dachshund traits like a long, tapering muzzle, floppy ears, an arched neck, and a straight or slightly curved tail. Their expressive eyes and endearing facial wrinkles exemplify the breed’s friendly temperament.

By combining the iconic dachshund shape with a smooth, even cream coat color, the English Cream variety stands out as a beautiful, eye-catching member of this beloved breed.

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Diving into the Different Types: Shaded and Clear Cream

When it comes to the EC Dachshund, there are two distinct types that dog enthusiasts and breeders recognize – shaded cream and clear cream. Understanding the differences between these two variations is important for those seeking to welcome one of these elegant pups into their home.

Clear Cream

A clear cream EC Dachshund exhibits a solid, uniform cream coat color from root to tip. There are no darker shadings or variations in the cream tone across their body. This even, unblemished cream coloring is highly desirable and aligns with breed standards.

Clear creams can range from a very pale, almost white cream shade to a deeper golden cream hue. However, the cream should appear solid and consistent without any patching or brindle striping mixing in other colors.

Achieving a truly clear cream can be challenging for breeders as it requires very selective breeding to produce this distinct, unblemished cream coat. Clear creams epitomize the elegant, refined look that draws many to this dachshund variety.

Shaded Cream

In contrast, a shaded cream EC Dachshund has deeper, richer shadings of cream concentrated on certain areas of their coat, typically across the saddle area along the back. The points of the ears, muzzle, and feet may also display slightly darker cream tones.

This shading creates a subtle two-toned effect, with the body being a paler cream that deepens to a warmer, almost golden cream on the shaded portions. The overall look maintains an undeniably cream appearance, just with lower levels of pigment dilution in the shaded regions.

While breeders aim for clear creams that meet the ideal cream standard, shaded creams remain a beautiful representation of the English Cream variety for many owners. The shading adds nuance and depth to their cream coats.

Whether clear or shaded, the creamy tones of this beloved dachshund variety are a hallmark of their dazzling appearance and a result of years of intentional breeding efforts.

Comparing English Cream and American Cream Dachshunds

While both the English Cream and American Cream are cream-colored varieties of the dachshund breed, there are some distinct differences that potential owners should be aware of.


The English Cream, as the name suggests, originated in England where breeders selectively developed the cream color variety beginning in the 18th century. In contrast, the American Cream emerged later in the 20th century within the United States.

Color Shades

English Creams are bred to produce a solid, uniform cream coat ranging from pale ivory to a richer golden cream shade. American Creams tend to be more deeply pigmented, often appearing in darker shades of red cream or tan cream. Their coats can also have subtle shading or particoloring effects.

Size Varieties

The English Cream comes in both miniature and standard size per dachshund breed standards. However, the American Cream is currently only recognized in the miniature variety by breed clubs in the US.

Coat Types

Both varieties can have smooth, longhaired, or wirehaired coat types officially recognized. However, the soft and longhaired are more common for English Creams, while American Creams frequently occur in the wirehaired variety.

Breed Standards

The English Cream adheres to the strict color and conformation standards outlined for cream dachshunds by kennel clubs in England. Meanwhile, the American Cream has different standards and an emphasis on cream colors that developed through breeders in the US.

Overall Appearance

With their pale, solid cream coats and low, elongated bodies, English Creams cut an elegant and refined figure in the dachshund breed. American Creams offers a more rugged, earthier look with their deeper-shaded cream coats.

While both cream dachshund varieties make wonderful family companions, their distinct origins, shades, and breed standards are important considerations for dachshund fanciers and those looking to welcome one of these unique pups into their homes.

Identifying a True English Cream Dachshund Puppy

Coat Color

The most defining trait of an English Cream is its solid cream coat color. Puppies should exhibit an even, unblemished cream shade across their entire body with no patching, brindling, or obvious shading variations. The cream can range from very pale ivory to a warmer golden cream but should appear as a uniform solid color.

The cream is a diluted pigment, so any reddish, tan, or brown tones in the coat could indicate the puppy is not a true cream but rather a red or isabella dilute instead. Beware of breeders misrepresenting deeper shades as “creams.”

Parentage and Pedigree

To be considered a proper English Cream, the puppy should come from a breeding line of established Eng Cream dachshund parents that have been carefully linebreeding to produce the cream variety. Reputable breeders should provide detailed pedigrees tracing the cream lineage back several generations.

Avoid puppies from litters with non-cream-colored dachshund parents, as this indicates the cream color was likely not an intentionally bred trait. Responsible English Cream breeders selectively breed two cream parents.

Physical Traits

Beyond coat color, English Cream puppies should exhibit the classic low, elongated dachshund body type as outlined in the breed standards. Characteristics like size, weight, bone structure, head shape, etc., should conform to those of the dachshund breed.

Health Testing

To identify a well-bred English Cream, ask the breeder about any health certifications and genetic testing performed on the parents. Reputable breeders screen for conditions like PRA, LPN disease, and others that can affect the breed to produce healthy puppies.


From an early age, English Cream puppies should display the typical friendly, lively temperament that makes dachshunds such beloved companions. Proper socialization and a puppy raised in a home environment are ideal.

By evaluating coat color, parentage, physical traits, health testing, and temperament, prospective owners can ensure they are bringing home a puppy that is a true representation of the elegant English Cream Dachshund variety.

Family Life with an English Cream Dachshund

A Loving Companion

The EC Dachshund makes for a wonderful family companion with their affectionate, loyal nature. These lively pups thrive on spending quality time with their humans, whether it’s snuggling up for TV time or joining you on walks around the neighborhood. Their smaller size makes them great apartment dogs, too.

A Playful Personality

Don’t let their long bodies fool you – EC Dachshunds are active, energetic pups that love to play! They enjoy letting their silly sides shine with animated games of fetch or chase around the house. Their bold personalities and amusing antics are sure to bring lots of laughter to the family.

A Watchful Guardian

With their bred-in hunting heritage, English Creams make attentive little watchdogs. Their tendency to bark will alert you to any new sights and sounds, making them good (if sometimes overzealous) home protectors. Proper training is needed to manage barking.

Grooming and Care

Their gorgeous cream coats shed moderately year-round and require regular brushing to reduce hair around the home. Long-haired varieties need extra grooming. Be sure to keep their floppy ears clean and dry to prevent infections.

Training and Socialization

Like many dachshunds, English Creams can be stubborn if not trained with patience and positive reinforcement from an early age. Socialization is also key to preventing excessive barking, digging, or other unwanted behaviors. Proper training results in an excellent family dog.

Whether zooming around the living room or curling up for cuddles, the loving and fun-spirited English Cream makes for an entertaining and devoted best friend for families willing to give this dachshund variety the care and training it needs to thrive.

Health Concerns and Lifespan of English Cream Dachshunds

Health Concerns

Like many purebred dogs, EC Dachshunds can be prone to certain hereditary health issues that responsible breeders try to minimize through genetic screening and selective breeding practices. Some conditions to be aware of include:

Intervertebral Disk Disease (IVDD) – This spinal condition causes the disks to bulge or rupture, resulting in back pain or paralysis. It’s common in long-bodied dog breeds like dachshunds.

Hip/Elbow Dysplasia – Malformation of the hip or elbow joints can lead to painful arthritis over time. Proper weight management helps reduce stress on joints.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) – This degenerative eye disorder can eventually lead to blindness. Reputable breeders test for PRA to prevent passing it on.

Patella luxation – Where the kneecaps slip out of place; this is an orthopedic issue often seen in smaller breeds like dachshunds.

Epilepsy – Some dachshunds may be prone to inheriting seizure disorders. Breeders should screen for this condition.

Achondroplasia – A genetic cartilage issue that causes dwarfism and can lead to respiratory difficulties in severe cases.


With their small size and appropriate care, EC Dachshunds generally have a life expectancy of 12-15 years on average. Providing a nutritious diet, moderate exercise, routine veterinary checkups, and managing any inherited conditions can help English Creams reach their expected lifespan and senior years as healthy, happy companions.

Careful breeding from health-tested parentage and being aware of potential breed issues allows English Cream owners to get ahead of any problems and provide the proper preventative care for the long-term wellness of their four-legged friends.

Caring for Your English Cream Dachshund

Bringing home an Eng Cream Dachshund puppy is just the start of your journey together. Providing the right care and attention is key to developing a happy, healthy bond with your cream-coated companion. Here are some important aspects of caring for this beloved variety:

Grooming Needs

Their soft cream coats may be short and smooth or long and flowing. Either coat type requires regular brushing 1-2 times per week to remove loose hair and prevent matting. Long-haired Creams need more frequent grooming sessions. Occasional baths help keep their creamy jackets looking their best.

Their floppy ears should be cleaned weekly, and nails should be trimmed monthly to prevent overgrowth. Proper dental care, including tooth brushing, is also important for their overall health.

Diet and Exercise

English Creams do best on a high-quality, portion-controlled diet formulated for their specific life stage (puppy, adult, senior). Avoid overfeeding which can lead to obesity issues.

Despite their small stature, these energetic pups need daily walks and active playtime to expend energy and stay fit. Their long spines make them prone to back issues, so limiting strenuous jumping and using ramps/stairs is recommended.

Training and Socialization

With their confident and stubborn dachshund temperaments, English Creams respond best to positive reinforcement training starting from puppyhood. Proper socialization is also crucial to prevent excessive barking, digging, or other undesirable behaviors.

Safety Considerations

Their low-built bodies put English Creams at higher risk of being stepped on or injured from falls, so supervising indoor play is important. Keep them leashed on walks as their curious natures may lead them to wander off exploring holes and caves.

By providing the right diet, grooming, exercise, training, and careful supervision, EC Dachshund owners can ensure their playful, loving companions live long, healthy lives filled with the devoted companionship this variety is so loved for.

English Cream Dachshund puppy

Enhance Your English Cream Dachshund’s Life with Fi: The Ultimate Collar for Their Unique Needs

Activity Monitoring

English Creams are energetic pups who need regular exercise, but their long spines put them at risk of back issues from over-exertion. Fi’s activity tracking allows you to monitor their daily activity levels to ensure they get the right amount of exercise without overdoing it.

Escape Prevention

With their curious natures and propensity for digging, English Creams tend to wander off if left unsupervised. Fi’s escape alerts notify you instantly if your pup manages to get loose, allowing you to locate them quickly before they get too far.

Temperature Alerts

English Creams are susceptible to overheating due to their long bodies and short snouts. Fi’s temperature sensors can warn you if your pup is getting too hot or cold, prompting you to get them to a comfortable environment.

Sleep Insights

Getting proper rest is important for your Cream’s health. Fi provides data on your pup’s sleep patterns and quality so you can make adjustments if they aren’t getting sufficient, restorative sleep.

Fitness Goals

Want to make sure your English Cream stays trim? Set custom activity goals based on their breed traits, age, and weight to help prevent obesity issues common in this variety.

With its advanced sensors, escape prevention, and focused health tracking, the Fi smart collar is the perfect accessory for doting EC Dachshund owners wanting to provide the best care tailored to this unique breed’s needs. Keep your precious pup safe, healthy, and active for years to come.

Finding Your Dream Dog: Where to Buy or Adopt an English Cream Dachshund

Reputable Breeders

For a well-bred English Cream puppy, research breeders who specialize in this dachshund variety. Responsible breeders will screen parents for genetic health issues, follow breed standards for appearance and temperament, provide proper socialization, and be able to provide detailed information on the puppy’s lineage and parents.

Be prepared to get on waitlists, as reputable English Cream litters are limited. Expect to pay $1,000-$3,000 or more from a top breeder. Avoid substandard breeders selling puppies much cheaper.

Dachshund Breed Rescues

For an adult or senior English Cream, dachshund breed-specific rescues are great options. These organizations frequently take in cream-colored dachshunds that can no longer be cared for by their previous owners.

Rescues properly evaluate temperaments and provide any necessary medical care or training to prepare the dogs for their new homes. Adoption fees are typically $100-$500, and the dogs may already be housetrained and socialized.

General Shelters

While less common in shelters, you may get lucky and find an EC dachshund available for adoption at your local animal shelter or through pet finder websites. General shelters are lower-cost options, but you may have less background on the dog’s genetics or history.

No matter which route you take, be prepared to ask lots of questions, meet the parents and littermates if purchasing a puppy, and ensure the dog is coming from a responsible source that prioritizes the breed’s ethics and welfare over profits.

With research, you can ethically find your perfect English Cream companion to welcome into your loving family!

The Cost of Owning an English Cream Dachshund

Initial Purchase/Adoption Cost

From a reputable breeder, expect to pay $1,000-$3,000 or more for an EC Dachshund puppy. This covers the ethical breeding practices, health screenings, and socialization efforts put into producing a well-bred pup. Adoption fees from dachshund rescues range from $100-$500 typically.


Be prepared for initial supplies like a crate, bedding, bowls, leash, collar, toys, grooming tools, etc., which can easily run $200-$400. You’ll also need an appropriately sized pen or playpens for this long-bodied breed.


High-quality dry dog food formulated for miniature or standard dachshunds will cost $30-$60 per month on average. You may need to feed a specialized diet if your pup has any allergies.

Veterinary Care

Plan for annual checkups, vaccines, parasite prevention, and routine care, which can total $700-$1,000 yearly. Pet insurance (around $50 monthly) can help cover emergencies. English Creams are prone to back issues, so be prepared for potential surgery costs.


If keeping your Cream’s coat professionally groomed, expect to pay $30-$90 every 6-8 weeks, depending on coat length. Nail trims, ear cleaning, and other maintenance are also required.


While intelligent, dachshunds can be stubborn. Professional training classes (around $100-$300) are wise investments to ensure a well-behaved and socialized pup.


Factor in other costs like dog-walking/boarding services, travel expenses, chew toys/treats, dog beds/ramps, and preventative products like monthly parasite prevention.

Annual Cost Estimate: $1,500 – $3,000 per year

With their potential grooming, training, and medical needs, EC Dachshunds require a financial commitment. But many owners find these adorable, loving companions are worth every penny.

What Does the English Cream Dachshund Look Like?

The Eng Cream Dachshund is a distinctive and elegant breed with several notable features:

Coat Color:

Their most defining characteristic is their creamy, golden coat. This coat color can range from a pale, almost white cream to a rich, golden hue, giving them a striking appearance.

Coat Type:

They typically have a long, silky coat, although there can be variations with short or wire hair. The long-haired variety is especially prized for its luxurious, flowing appearance.

Size and Build:

Like all Dachshunds, English Creams have a long, muscular body with short legs. They come in two sizes: standard, which weighs between 16 to 32 pounds, and miniature, weighing 11 pounds or under.

Face and Expression:

They have friendly and expressive faces with large, dark, soulful eyes. Their ears are long and floppy, adding to their charming and gentle expression.

Overall Appearance:

The combination of their unique coat color, long body, and expressive features makes the EC Dachshund a particularly elegant and attractive dog.

How to Tell If Your Puppy Is a True English Cream Doxie?

Identifying a true Eng Cream Dachshund involves several key characteristics:

Coat Color:

A true English Cream Dachshund will have a distinctive creamy or golden coat. This color is unique and should not be confused with other shades like light red or blond. The coat should have a rich, creamy appearance, often described as resembling clotted cream.

Pedigree and Breeding:

Check the puppy’s pedigree. True EC Dachshunds come from specific bloodlines, primarily of British origin. Reputable breeders should provide documentation of the puppy’s lineage, proving its heritage.

Coat Type:

While English Creams can have different coat types, the long-haired variety is the most common and desired. The coat should be soft, silky, and slightly wavy.


Look at the puppy’s parents. True EC Dachshunds should have parents who also display the same cream coat color and traits. Meeting the parents can provide insight into what the puppy will look like as an adult.

Breeder Reputation:

Purchase from a reputable breeder who specializes in EC Dachshunds. A trustworthy breeder will be knowledgeable about the breed and will be able to provide detailed information about the puppy’s lineage and characteristics.

Expert Consultation:

If you’re unsure, consulting with a breed expert or veterinarian can help confirm whether your puppy is a true EC Dachshund. They can provide a professional assessment based on physical characteristics and pedigree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an English Cream Dachshund?

An English Cream Dachshund is a variation of the standard and miniature dachshund, known for its distinctive pale cream coat color. This breed carries the same lovable traits as other dachshunds but with a unique, elegant appearance.

How do I care for an English Cream Dachshund?

Caring for an English Cream Dachshund involves regular grooming due to their long coat, maintaining a balanced diet, regular exercise to prevent obesity, and routine veterinary check-ups to ensure their long-term health.

Are English Cream Dachshunds good with families?

Yes, English Cream Dachshunds are great with families. They are known for their loyal and affectionate nature. However, interaction with young children should be supervised to ensure gentle play, as with any breed.

What are the health considerations for English Cream Dachshunds?

English Cream Dachshunds, like other dachshunds, can be prone to back issues, so it’s important to avoid activities that strain their spine. Regular vet visits, a proper diet, and moderate exercise can help maintain their health.

How can I find a reputable English Cream Dachshund breeder?

To find a reputable breeder, look for those who provide health clearances, breed responsibly, and welcome questions about their puppies’ lineage and care. Avoid breeders who don’t allow you to see the puppies’ living conditions.